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David Bartrum's Blog


We have just finished a 2-day test at Snetterton. We had a test plan and stuck to it so we would learn more about the cars and be able to give the drivers what they want when we make changes to the cars.

For our team it was a welcome luxury to spend 2 days at a circuit testing. You always have a balancing act with budget, engine run time and parts on the car, all parts on a touring car are aged by the amount of hours that they have been on the car, so add all these factors up and you have to make sure that you spend your budget wisely when testing and you do not end up trying to get an engine rebuilt in a hurry between rounds.

The first half of the season seemed to me to fly by. We knew that we would need time with the car to get on the pace, both team and drivers needed to get used to the new package, drivers needed to adapt to a new style of driving, Rob needed to get used to rear wheel drive again and Steven needed to get used to touring cars and a lot less power than he was used to with the Porsche. This all took time and by the time we reached Croft after a very busy month in May, we showed our true pace - it was a shame we did not get on the podium but I was very proud of both the drivers that weekend, in particular Rob for leading our first touring car race, he dissevered one of Mr Gow's trophies that weekend.

Now we go into the second half of the season, the big question is will we get some dryer race weekends? We have been soaked a few times this season as we were last year so lets hope we have some dry events. It always amazes me how the touring car fans show their commitment to the series, especially when the heavens open and it pours down as it did at Croft - you look out to the crowds and they are getting just as wet as we are.

Our mission as a team is to have a strong second half of the season. We have got 2 very good drivers who are both good racers, they have both shown they have the pace to compete at the front, so we as a team want to be at the front. The mid field in touring car racing is a dangerous place to be because you get caught up in all the accidents, and by racing from the front you can try to stay out of trouble and get the chance to get that all important result and a chance of a visit to the podium.