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There are days in racing and then there are the days that are truly great days in racing and this weekend at Snetterton on Sunday was a truly great day for my very loyal hard working Motorbase team.

Steven KaneI have not had such a good feeling for a while at a race meeting.

The drivers and the team came to Snetterton a very determined group of people, the weekend at Croft six weeks ago had been a turning point in our 2 cars performance but as the luck was not on our side that weekend we did not get a podium, so having shown good speed and performance from both Rob and Steven we came away from Croft with a 'what if' weekend.

Snetterton was going to be our weekend, that was the atmosphere in the camp, the drivers were ready to prove that Croft was not a fluke and that we as a team had moved on to the next performance level. So to then go out and qualify one car in the top ten and have 3 races, 6 finishes, and be in ten top 10 in all races was a great feeling in such a tough championship. The icing on the cake was to finally have a good solid podium that was from racing for the position and you could not have had a better pair of BTCC racers in Matt and Fabrizio to share the podium with.

One thing for the record, this is our second podium, we had a visit in Scotland in 06 with David Pinkney a third place, I have not forgotten that fact as it has been suggested but when I talk about 07 and 08 it is different because we have become a 2 car team and the cars we are using are S 2000 machinery and not BTC spec.

It was a very popular result with all our supporters and friends and I also feel it was a popular result with most of our fellow competitors, they came up to us afterwards in the paddock, both teams and drivers and said we had earned the result and well done for it.

My own emotions were even put to the test, I can say that I had a tear in my eyes at the end because it has been a hard slog to get to this point, we are a truly independent team and I took a very bold decision to spend a lot of Barbara's and my retirement fund on 2 BMWs and a lot of spares, and last November went across to Germany and gave all our hard earned to Schnitzer for a better chance at success in the BTCC, a decision that seems a little bit wiser now than it has on other race weekends.

All that remains to do at this point is to say a big thank you to all my team, a group of very hard working lads that come together on the race weekends and give all they can for the team and the drivers.

I must not forget the drivers in all this, they have worked hard with us so we can be a force to be reckoned with, I would have put money on it being Rob who would have got us the first trophy, he had shown what a good racer he is at the last 2 events, but it turned out to be Steven who did it and he did it in style with a fine drive showing he is a very mature thinking racer, I knew this all along this is why I wanted him in our team.

It also got noted that I made off with the trophy, well yes I did and as I write this blog it sits proudly on my desk. We have all of Steven's trophies here at Motorbase, ranging from Tag Heur GT race in 05 which he won at Brands with us, to the 24hr at Silverstone race from the same year, to the many Porsche Carrera Cup ones from 07.

Now Steven has opened our account for Touring Cars I guess that we will need to get a new cabinet made, now we have got one of Mr Gow's 08 spec prizes.

Thank you to all the people that have sent messages and E mails sending us their best wishes, this means a lot to all of us at Motorbase, see you all at Oulton park.