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David Bartrum's Blog


Other than my thank you note this is the first blog I have done since July and I do not know were the time went, they say time fly's when you are having fun well we certainly enjoyed the second half of the season.

Podium's I love em I was beginning to forget what it was like to celebrate a good weekends racing we did it so often with the Porsche carrera cup.

I feel now we have got rid of the ghost's that came with last season and the Seat, the BMW is the car to have as an independent  and it was the BMW that gave us our first touring car podium since Knockhill in 2006 with my mate Dave Pinkney.

Steven Kane at snetterton was a giant for us he started the ball rolling that day and then Rob Joined in with a knockhill podium that was equally special and from then on we knew we had got it right and we stayed in the mix at all the races and it meant you could not count out Motorbase and that we would race with the best of them.

Brand Hatch is always special for me it is our home circuit all our friends, family ,supporters and fans come to see us in big numbers and it is a meet that I am luck to have 2 times a year so how special was the last round of the season I could not believe the amount of people who came to see us and say how much they had enjoyed our year,seeing us go from scratch with a new car and drivers to getting to mix it at the front with the main players, I was wondering around at about 7 on the Sunday morning doing my early morning race day bits and pieces when a chap who was a local touring car fan came up to wish us well and tell me personally how much he had enjoyed the year, well that was great because it underlined it for me how much people had been watching and following our year.

The race day could have not been better to get both drivers on the podium together was amazing and it did not stop there after race one and a double podium it got better with more great racing from Rob and Steven with more podium visits and also a trophy that was very special to me the team trophy,Dan Mayo the BTCC coordinator came to me after race two and said keep your phone on I might need you for the podium at the end as toy are up for the team trophy and if you score well in the last race it's Motorbase's to take home well that for me was a moment I will not forget and it was a thing the team deserved and I know it was a special moment for the boys in the team who work and work at the meetings to keep the cars out racing and looking good .

So five trophy's that day and the season was done and I do not know what happened to 2008 it is a year that came and went in a flash.

The big question now is what does 2009 hold in store for all of us with the dome and gloom being pumped at us on the TV and radio it does not sound good.

We are going work very hard over the winter to be on that grid in 09 we want to continue to go forward and firmly establish ourselves as a major Btcc team I know it is tuff in the market place no matter what you do but you must remain positive and do your best.

I will keep you all informed as things start to develop over the winter and as a write this we are off testing this week for 2 days and will test a couple of drivers don't panic we want to keep our 2 drivers from this year but we mat expand the team and also we need to keep options on the table and work with new drivers to build for the future.

That's all for now, David.