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David Bartrum's Blog

Oulton Park, 11th June 2010

Brands was busy and even though it was a long break until Oulton Park, it was a busy time between the race weekends. We needed to do a bodyshell on Steve Parish's Porsche after the startline accident in the second race at Brands.

I actually had a week off, but that created me more work than ever because I sat in Spain and did all the parts list for the Porsche. We had a bit of a re-group, a couple of gearbox rebuilds and Steve's car also needed some engine work, so there was a bit of running around.

The touring cars weren't too bad after Brands. We decided not to do the Rockingham BTCC test; even if we'd been rolling in money there was no real point in doing that. We'd already raced there and it's a very abrasive circuit. It's also a very particular circuit and doesn't really equate to any other circuit we visit, so there was nothing to learn. It would have been a load of money spent for not much return. We decided to reserve the money for whatever comes next in touring cars, which is usually damage! We'll do the test at Snetterton, because that is far more relevant. That is in the long summer break before the Snetterton race weekend.

Some of the boys had a day off here and there and then on the Friday before the Oulton Park race weekend we went there up with the Porsches. We ran Steve's car in and three others. It was a chance to get the drivers dialled in to Oulton Park. Michael Caine was doing his over-seeing and instructing of the less experienced drivers and we got ourselves ready for the race weekend.

We've got a new truck for touring cars so we spent a bit of time fitting that out inside and we'll finish it during the summer break. It was quite a peaceful time in some respects, but it didn't feel peaceful.

We had a bit of a patchy qualifying for Carrera Cup at Oulton Park. Michael did a good job, which I was pleased about. He only missed the second pole by a tiny amount to the 48-year old Tim Harvey. The rest of the team was a bit patchy; Ollie Jackson didn't have a great day but he has had so many good days recently that he's entitled to a bad day. Steve Parish was a little bit pre-occupied with business matters and had a couple of offs. He's a very hard-working guy and he has a lot going on.

George Richardson did a good job and I think Liam Griffin turned a corner and did a really, really good job. He took a real step forward and Liam is absolutely passionate about Carrera Cup and what he has taken on. His will to succeed is second to none, so I was really pleased for Liam. Then Charlie Bateman was Charlie – he's an enigma.

In touring cars, we started slowly in the first session, achieved quite a lot in the second session but when we came to qualify, we didn't do great and ended up ninth and whatever. But I know from the race runs that we did that we've got an excellent race set-up. Friday and Saturday were really hot, but here we are on Sunday morning and it's cooler and wet at the moment. So we'll see what happens this afternoon!

David Bartrum