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David Bartrum's Blog

14th October 2010
Post Brands Hatch

I'm very proud of Motorbase's achievements this year in all areas. I'm proud of the drivers and the whole team. Both sets of guys have been phenomenal. At the beginning of the year one particular driver who left our team to go to another touring car team said we were running too many cars and doubted that we could do it. I'd like someone to ask him what he thinks now and see what he says!

We set out this year to run two teams and we had two teams of guys and two separate camps, fully skilled all the way through. That's even down to the third BMW at Brands, which has another set of guys we've brought in to run Ben. Malcolm Swetnam has come back for the weekend to run the team. We keep the quality high at Motorbase and we've got a brilliant team spirit, which helps us get experienced guys into the team.

This team has no weak links, and that's very important to me. The cars are always properly turned out, the team is ready on time and the cars are on the pace. Everything was right and looked very professional. It's been a fantastic effort from all the guys.

Qualifying at Brands was quite disappointing. Carrera Cup qualifying didn't go according to plan. Michael and Tim Harvey put in nearly identical times, so they both thought they'd done the job and Stephen Jelley surprised them.

Fair play to the Parker team; they got their act together this weekend and came out fighting. I'm really pleased for Stuart because that's a great result and they got a one-two in the last race.

I wanted the team championship for Motorbase. We've been in the Carrera Cup for a few years and hadn't won it. This was the second time we've won the pro-am1 championship, Phil Quaife won it for us before and Ollie did a fantastic job. Everything about the Carrera Cup is very professional and it is a lovely environment with a great crew of people. It means a lot to me to win the team championship and Sunday at Brands when we won it was probably the single most special moment for a long time. And the thought that Marion Barnaby is going to give me a Porsche is even better! I enjoy everything about Porsche and winning team of the weekend is very special to me. We are a Porsche team through and through, we started there and I hope we continue to be so.

I've been waiting for Tim Harvey's luck to change all year and I was flabbergasted when it went the way it did in the final race. He even went off at Knockhill and got back on again. Tim's a very clever driver and he's been around far too long and knows how to play the game. He played it very, very well.

He was the fastest car and won the most races, so he won the championship. We didn't quite have it. But without the second half contribution from Motorbase and Michael Caine, the pro category would have been a bit boring. It was great for Michael to get the wins he got and it was good to have another winner in Stephen Jelley. It was Michael's 100th Carrera Cup race this weekend.

Simon Leonard at Red Line Racing was a great sport over the team championship. We had this thing about bringing a hanky to Brands and that one of us would need it. We were to sit on deck chairs with the hanky on a little stool between us, but we didn't get time to do that as I was busy with touring cars and he was busy with various things. So that's the way it happened.

George Richardson has been a little star. He's been getting better and better results. He's been on an incredible journey this year and he's what you want for a Porsche, a youngster who can learn and go forward. He can be the complete package. Ollie had got the speed and the aggression to go to the next level.

When Steve Parish came to Donington I was concerned that we'd not got the same Steve Parish as we had before. But I think he went through his barrier at Donington and we had the original Parish at Brands this weekend. He was mega; a good driver, a good personality. It was the Steve Parish that I love and respect. I was glad to have him back.

Liam Griffin is just Liam. He's a smashing guy and he didn't quite get out of this year what he should have got out of it. He's on a fast track in everything he does in motor sport and I think he just needs to slow it down and stick at something a little bit longer than he normally does. But I think he'll get it because he is definitely a talented driver. The guy is so switched on.

Charlie Bateman came into the team as a very quiet lad, quite reserved and I think in year two with us he will progress massively. I think we'll see a different Charlie next year. He's actually a very quick little driver and if you look at his data you can make some good laps. I think there are lots of possibilities with Charlie.

We've now got to sit and wait and see what Porsche does with the allocation of the new cars. I hope it remains a big part of our business. I've worked very hard with the team I've got establish this and I want to keep it rolling.

The touring car weekend at Brands was good with Ben Collins joining us. He's a legend. Steven Kane did all right for an old boy from Ireland. I think the weekend went well. Like everything, you miss something and we missed the Independents' championship by a point. Steven drove his socks off for that and give it his all, but didn't quite get Andrew Jordan in the third race. I was very pleased for Andrew.

Mat Jackson did a sterling job and tried his hardest to get to a point where he could help Steven in the Independents' points. Ben did a fine job, but we had this horrendous gearbox problem that went on and on and on. The guys on that car worked so hard and gave Ben a very good race car. If you look at his times and the pace he was going, he got the plot completely.

It was a phenomenal season for Motorbase and our biggest campaign on record. It was probably the single biggest operation at this level and a credit to everyone involved that we maintained our quality in all areas. I do like my teams to be right and make sure that everyone has the personnel that they need. We've had a fantastic crew all year. I could be sitting at home watching the television with the viewing public and the teams would just function as they need to. I've got the people in place to do the job.

David Bartrum