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News 2010: Graham Richardson Getting His Hands Dirty

August 12th

Graham RichardsonAs father of Carrera Cup racer George, Graham Richardson is a regular feature of Carrera Cup GB weekends with the Motorbase Performance squad.

But recently, Graham got the chance to get his hands dirty when the team entered George for the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge races at Snetterton, two weeks before the Carrera Cup weekend.

"George hadn't been to Snetterton for a while and he hadn't been in the car for some time, so we did the GT3 Cup Challenge races," explained Graham. "It was all a little bit last minute, so David didn't have too many people on hand.

"David arrived on Saturday evening with a van and trailer with George's car on, instead of the usual track. But he did say that it had taken him as long to load the van and he had to unload the truck to put it all in the van." The team was David, Tim Hull, Nick McGuire and Graham. "Nick works full time for me, six days a week, and on his day off he comes racing with us and helps with the guests," said Graham.

"Over the first half of the season I'd been itching to get my hands dirty, because that's the nature of the person I am. It was a pleasure just to help David and Tim out." However, Nick and Graham had to earn their stripes before being allowed to tackle more technically challenging jobs.

"We were doing the really menial jobs," said Graham. "First David had us on making the tea, then we progressed to washing wheels and by the end of the day we had graduated to polishing. He said we made good progress and he'd give us excellent references. We had a load of fun and it took the donkeywork out of it for David and Tim. We even helped load the car up at the end of the day."

The schedule, with everything condensed into one day, kept them on their toes. "It's a very busy day; there was some testing, then qualifying and two races, all in one day. It's a hectic schedule, with lots of wheels to wash!"

The reception from the existing GT3 Cup Challenge racers was warm. "I was a bit worried that some of the Porsche Club people might resent the Carrera Cup people coming in, but they were very friendly and very inquisitive about set-up. By the end of the day, they were really on side," said Graham.

"It was a good day for George with great seat time and his first overall Porsche win, which was good for his confidence. But it brought home to me what a high level there is in Carrera Cup. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!"