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News 2012: David Bartrum End of Season Interview Nov 2012

November 21st

Aaron Smith

2012 was a good year for Motorbase Performance. The Kent-based team picked up the British GT Title on its first return to the Championship after a five year gap and also entered a new era as a constructor after unveiling its in-house built NGTC Ford Focus ST in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

In the second of a short series of interviews, we catch up with Team Principal David Bartrum as he takes a look back at his 2012 season and discusses the team's plans and hopes for 2013.

Aaron SmithMP: On reflection, how do you feel about the Motorbase's performance and achievements during the 2012 season – both in the British GT and BTCC?

DB: "2012 was a massive year for Motorbase. My decision to leave the Carrera Cup and move to British GT was clearly vindicated by the end of the season. We had a very enjoyable year back in the GT paddock with a great group of people and we won it, which clearly makes it that much more enjoyable!

"BTCC was an interesting season. We became a constructor which wasn't something I thought we would ever do. But, like anything we do at Motorbase we threw our all into it. We designed, fabricated, painted & built our own car. We did everything in house with the people we had on board and I was truly impressed by everyone involved. To top it off we went on to win only 2 months after it first turned a wheel up against the best in the business which proves we are more than capable of doing a great job."

Aaron SmithMP: What would you say were the stand out moments of the season for you....good, bad and ugly?

DB: "Good – Winning the GT Championship at Donington, Mat winning two races & a 3rd at Donington (I like Donington), sneaking the NGTC car into Snetterton without anyone knowing and it first turning a wheel and running faultlessly all weekend knowing we built it and obviously its first win at Silverstone! Watching Aron progress from a rookie at round one to a winner at round 29 of 30 was great.

"Bad – Liam at Croft, seeing one of my cars going up in flames but just glad to see that Liam was ok. To be honest I don't really dwell on the bad. We just see it as a challenge.

"Ugly – Jason Plato on telly sounding off about Aron. In hindsight if Jason was honest he would agree he was wrong."

Aaron SmithMP: The team built its first ever in-house car this year with the NGTC Focus in the BTCC, is this something that you always hand in mind for Motorbase or did the move come out of necessity?

"We always knew it would be done at some time but I didn't expect to do it as soon as we did. It was born out of the fire at Croft and I decided there and then we would turn this into a positive. It came along after two tough weekends with S2000 and we wanted a jump on 2013."

MP: How has moving to building in-house changed the dynamic of the team and what surprised you the most in terms of the demands and results that the changeover has had?

DB: "The staff has stayed the same but the NGTC project has enabled us to showcase their talents. We have a very talented group of individuals who never cease to amaze. We've always prided ourselves on the guys who make up the team and though we as Motorbase are new to car building, most of the staff aren't.

"In all honesty I think they would all agree they were in their element with the new project even if it was hard work and took long hours and dedication, it's what they're so good at."

Aaron SmithMP: Motorbase has risen through the ranks very quickly in the BTCC, British GT and previously in the Porsche Carrera Cup, what's the secret behind its success?

DB: "No secret, just hard work & determination. We have a variety of qualities and characters here and we can adjust quickly to moving target. We're quite versatile and enjoy our jobs, or I certainly do! Long may it continue!"

MP: What can we expect to see from Motorbase in 2013?

DB: "Banoffee Pie, happy faces and more ups & downs but above all race wins! That's what we're here for. Hopefully it will provide us with our first BTCC Championship and a successful defence of our GT Championship. Roll on 2013."