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News 2012: Michael Caine Interview Nov 2012

November 27th

Michael Caine Interview Nov 2012

The 2012 British GT season ended spectacularly well for Motorbase Performance. Returning to the Championship after a 5 year break, the Kent based squad reigned triumphant at Donington Park's action packed season closer, winning the prestigious 2012 Title.

In the third of a short series of interviews, we catch up with Motorbase stalwart and all round nice guy Michael Caine as he takes a look back at his 2012 season, including his title winning return to the British GT.

MP: After a number of years away from the British GT Championship, how did it feel to be back?

Michael Caine Interview Nov 2012MC: "It was good to be back in British GT as it was a championship I had competed in in before and hadn't won!"

MP: Did you expect to be able to make such an impact and claim the overall title in your first year back? You had some pretty tough competition out there on track and some old racing adversaries to contend with!

MC: "We didn't really know what to expect as it was a new car for the boys to run and the drivers to drive but we knew that we would be one of the best teams in the paddock and just needed a little bit of luck!

Michael Caine Interview Nov 2012"Mr B introduced a mad Aussie to the team and for me this was perfect as we hit the ground running fast! It turned out the Aussie knows his Porsches!" 

MP: You've obviously raced in the same team as Daniele at Motorbase in the Carrera Cup last season, how did it differ sharing a car/drive with him this year?

MC: "Daniele was the reason we won the championship his improvement in the car from the first race was fantastic! All we had to do was give him car that was fast and consistent and he would do the rest!  He turned out to be fastest pro-am driver out there!" 

MP: How much does teamwork play part in the British GT and how much time do you get to work/test together before each round?

MC: "Competing at this level in the GTs is all about teamwork and that's why the best team won!"

MP: You've been with Motorbase for a number of years now. Can you ever see yourself racing with another team? What's so special about the Motorbase squad that has made you want to stay with them for this long?

MC: "I have always said that Motorbase will be the last team I drive for! It's now my family! The big man has so much love for the sport; his team and everyone involved it just makes you want to be a part of it.

"Also the stocking loan wouldn't be the same without him!" 

MP: What can expect to see from you in 2013? Are you planning to defend your title or is a move into the BTCC still on the cards for you?

MC: "Not sure what will happen in 2013! One thing is for sure I will be in the pit lane with Motorbase with either with my race car in the garage or my race truck outside the garage!

"There's nowhere else I'd rather be!"